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Hedge trimming is a vital aspect of maintaining a well-groomed and visually appealing landscape. It involves the careful and precise pruning of hedges, shrubs, and bushes to achieve a neat and tidy appearance. The process typically includes removing excessive growth, shaping the hedge to a desired form, and ensuring its overall health and vigor.

One of the primary reasons for hedge trimming is to promote healthy growth. By selectively pruning branches and foliage, we can enhance air circulation and sunlight exposure, which are crucial for the plant's photosynthesis and overall vitality. Trimming also helps to prevent diseases and pest infestations by removing damaged or diseased parts of the hedge, minimizing the risk of spreading infections to other plants.

We put a little TLC into every job we us about Hedge Trimming today
We had a silver birch closely surrounded by a shed, summer house & gazebo which TLC found to be rotten internally. They successfully removed the top of the tree without any damage to the surroundings. TLC listened to what we said & did a brilliant job.
We have worked with TLC for many years - they are always prompt, reliable and safe. They also tidy up after a job beautifully! Tim and his team have a huge knowledge and respect for the natural environment, ensuring natural spaces remain healthy and robust”.
The team from TLC Tree Surgeons have done a superb job and the work has made a big difference to the light. Your team have been a joy to have around, always so cheerful and friendly. Thank you.