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Woodland management plays a crucial role in maintaining the health and sustainability of forested areas. It involves the careful planning and implementation of practices that promote biodiversity, ecological balance, and the long-term productivity of woodlands. One key aspect of woodland management is the identification and removal of invasive plant species that can outcompete native flora, disrupt ecosystems, and reduce habitat quality. By controlling invasive species, woodland managers help protect the unique and delicate balance of plant and animal life in forests.

By maintaining a diverse range of vegetation, including different tree species, understory plants, and deadwood, woodland managers create a variety of niches for various species to thrive. This approach encourages biodiversity, providing food, shelter, and breeding grounds for a wide array of wildlife, including birds, mammals, reptiles, and insects.

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We had a silver birch closely surrounded by a shed, summer house & gazebo which TLC found to be rotten internally. They successfully removed the top of the tree without any damage to the surroundings. TLC listened to what we said & did a brilliant job.
We have worked with TLC for many years - they are always prompt, reliable and safe. They also tidy up after a job beautifully! Tim and his team have a huge knowledge and respect for the natural environment, ensuring natural spaces remain healthy and robust”.
The team from TLC Tree Surgeons have done a superb job and the work has made a big difference to the light. Your team have been a joy to have around, always so cheerful and friendly. Thank you.